Turan And Busquets Comment On The Surprising Defeat Against Celta Vigo

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-10

This season is Barcelona’s worst start since Messi’s debut season. Back in 2005/2006 Frank Rijkaard was in charge, and Messi was just a new and talented prospect.

Barcelona lost eight points in their first seven games. Things just didn’t work as planned, and Enrique had difficulties with setting the right strategy against some of the opponents.

But there’s a bright side too. The year Barcelona only got 10 points out of 7 games, was the same year they won the Champions League and La Liga.

The weird thing is that Barcelona goes from winning 7-0 in the CL, to losing 5-4 against Celta Vigo in La Liga.

They clearly need to improve, but for what part of the pitch? According to stats, the attack looks great. They score and they assist even without Messi.  Which means the defense and the midfields needs to improve.

Busquets’s bad form

The last match against Celta Vigo was a surprise, and we’re not just talking about the result. Busquets, one of Barcelona’s best player made a mistake. We rarely see a payer of his caliber losing the ball.

But in the game against Celta Vigo, Busquets was directly responsible for conceding a goal.

“It’s clear that I’m one of the players responsible for the defeat,” he said after the 4-3 defeat at Estadio Balaidos. “It wasn’t one of my better games.”

Busquets is and was a vital player for Barcelona since he broke into the midfield as a youngster under Pep Guardiola.

But his current form is concerning, because we’ve never seen Busquets have a bad game before. He isn’t a player you directly notice during a game. As long as Barcelona is recovering balls and keeping possession, you know Busquets is doing a good job.

But now when he’s not in his top form, we know how vital he actually is. Let’s just hope he gets back on track soon, and continues with dominating the midfield.

Turan would like to retire at Barcelona

Turan is one of the few players we can’t blame for Barca’s current form. He is a true fighter on the pitch. No matter the result, Turan is always doing his best. He doesn’t give up easily, and he scored the winning goal in the last Champions League game against Mönchengladbach.

“I think we’re the major candidates for the Champions League and LaLiga. The defeat to Celta was just an accident.” – Turan.

That’s the attitude you would expect from a Barcelona player. You simply don’t give up after a few bad games.

“Barcelona are the best club in the world.”

“Even if they need me for just one minute, I’ll play one minute, no problem. I want to end my career here.”

Turan is 29 years old, and he still has many years left before he retires. The fact that he wants to retire at Barcelona is great news for the fans.

It means that he’s willing to fight for a place on the team, and do his best in case one of the MSN trio is injured.

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