World Class Players Who Couldn’t Fit Into The Barcelona System

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-29

Running a football club is like running a business. You can never calculate the risk completely. In business taking a risk means investing into a new product. You never know how people will react to it.

Taking a risk in business means buying a player worth millions of dollars. You never know if a player worth millions will justify his gigantic price.

Before we mention any Barca players, let’s take a look at the Fernando Torres case:

He was the best striker in the world while playing for Liverpool. That’s not all, he was already a world class player at Atletico Madrid as well.

So what went wrong?

How did he went from the best striker in the world, to the biggest flop in football history?

How the hell did he missed that?

Chelsea paid Liverpool 80 million dollars for Spanish striker. He wasn’t even close to justifying his price tag. He just couldn’t fit in, that’s it.

Another great example is the FIFA Ballon d’Or winner Kaka. R.Madrid was in progress of assembling the next generation of Galacticos, and Kaka was priority number one.

Madrid broke the record in 2009, when they decided to spend 89 million dollars for signing Milan’s best player.

Things didn’t work out as planned, and Mourinho wasn’t counting on the Brazilian at all.  He suffered from few injuries too, and he had a hard time adopting to the game.

Let’s get back to Barcelona now.

Remember Ibrahimovic? The striker who is practically a goal machine for every team he plays, except when he played for Barcelona.

The Ibrahimovic deal wasn’t all cash. Barcelona included Samuel Eto in the deal, and plus 77 million dollars.

So Barcelona decided to give away one of the best strikers they ever had, and 77 million dollars to bring in the Swedish striker.

It looked like a good move, but it wasn’t.

Ibrahimovic is 34 years old right now, and he still is lethal in front of the goal. He has great vision and movement, and we don’t even want to mention his finishing skills:

The reason why he wasn’t performing at Barcelona lays in his character. He couldn’t accept the fact that he wouldn’t be the main guy in Barcelona.

Messi was, is and will be the main guy in Barcelona till the day he retires!

But how about Javier Saviola? The guy who supposed to be the ‘new Maradona’ had a price tag of 40 million dollars.

And we’re talking about 2001 here, back when signing a big name didn’t mean you had to spend $100 mill+

Saviola arrived from River Plate, and scored only 60 goals in 148 appearances for the Catalans. Barca was determined to get rid of the ‘new Maradona’, which lead to Saviola’s departure to Real Madrid on a free transfer.

This is not where the bad transfer decisions end. But compared to R.M, Barcelona lost pennies on players who didn’t lived up to their expectations.

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