Thierry Henry Explains the Secret Behind Pep Guardiola’s Success


Guardiola was once a successful player at Barcelona, but his coaching skills is what made him the world best.

His style of play as a player was similar to Busquets. He liked to control the game, move the ball around and work on the tactical part of football.

That’s the type of players he wanted to work with when he became a coach. He first started as a Barcelona B coach, and after winning the Tercera División group and qualifying for the 2008 Segunda División B playoffs, he was offered to coach the senior Barcelona squad.

Between him and Jose Mourinho, Joan Laporta decided to go with the ex-Barcelona midfielder to replace Frank Rijkaard.

Guardiola and his philosophy

From big and strong midfielders, to talented and skillful. Guardiola was among the first coaches that realized control in football means everything. When you have possession you’re always a treat to the opposition, and we all know that the attack is the best defense.

Guardiola is not a creator; he’s an innovator.

He was coached by Johan Cruyff, and worked with Bobby Robson. They both preferred an attacking style of football, and Pep was taking notes.

He used the knowledge and the experience, added something unique to the philosophy, and made Barcelona the strongest team in the world.

After winning everything with Barcelona, Pep decided to move. His next destination was Bayern Munich. He failed to win the Champions League, but he did broke few records.

With seven matches remaining in the season, it was the earliest the championship had been won in Bundesliga history, breaking the record Heynckes’ Bayern had set in the previous season. – Source.

The only thing Pep is missing in his career is a “rags to riches” story. Both Bayern and Barcelona had great players, and a big transfer budget. Jose Mourinho became famous after winning the Champions League with Porto.

Porto is more than a decent team, but far from a Champions League favorite. Mourinho had the same story with Inter too.

But Guardiola never had the chance to turn an average team into a world class one.

Thierry Henry on Guardiola

Henry is hailed as one of the best strikes in the world, especially when he was playing at Arsenal. He joined Barcelona with the hope to win the Champions League before he retires, and Guardiola made that happen for him.

In a SkySport interview, Henry explains the philosophy and the coaching habits of currently the best coach in the world.

He also had few things to say about his Guardiola’s new team Man City.

“What he is going to bring to Manchester City is a team that will possess the ball most of the time against any team.”

“It will be a team that will score a lot of goals and a team that will also not concede a lot of goals. People keep forgetting his teams don’t concede a lot of goals.” – Henry.

In the video you’re about to see, Henry explains the secret behind Guardiola’s success as a coach.