The Secret Behind MSN Trio Huge Success


Football is not all about big names. We’ve already seen that in order to have a winning club, you need more than just top players.

It’s all about chemistry and team play. The players need to understand that no matter how big of a star they are, the club always comes first.

We’ve already witnessed how the underdogs can perform miracles in football. From Leicester City wining the Premier League, to Dortmund playing the Champions League final.

Both teams were hungry and motivated to win. That’s exactly what big teams lack sometimes. Being able to motivate players that have already won everything is not an easy task.

But it seems like Enrique is doing a great job.

Every Barcelona players is giving their best on every game, including the star trio in front.

One of the biggest and obvious reason why Messi, Suarez and Neymar are able to play on such a high level is not being selfish. Messi is the biggest star, but that doesn’t mean he would require a special treatment among his teammates.

He’s happy when he scores, and he’s happy when he assists. The same goes for Neymar and Suarez. They all have the same goal; win games and that’s it. Who’s on the scorer sheet is not as important as the 3 points or the Champions League semi-final away victory.

The secret behind MSN’s success

We remember Ronaldo saying that the relationship off the field has no effect on the game. He was asked to comment on the MSN and their great relationship both on and off the field:

“In the Manchester United team that won the Champions League [in 2008], I did not speak with [Paul] Scholes, [Ryan] Giggs and [Rio] Ferdinand, beyond ‘hello’ but we had a great team,” said Ronaldo.

“I do not have to dine with Benzema or invite him to my house. What is important is on the pitch. I do not need little kisses and hugs.”

But Neymar has a different story. He thinks being close off the field helps the trio to have a special relationship on the field as well.

“[With Leo and Luis] we get along very well,” he told Goal. “Not only on the field, but mostly off it. Today I can say we became friends, and when that happens in football you help your mates even more during the matches.

“We developed a strong bond, being three South American players and ‘rivals’, it’s something very hard to accomplish, but we did it, playing together and forging a good friendship. But most importantly, it’s working well on the field.”

It is normal to expect them to have a great relationship beyond football. They’re spending more time together, than with their families.

You will never see Neymar, Messi or Suarez not celebrating goals together. But then we have Ronaldo:

He didn’t look happy for not being able to score instead of Bale. Maybe kisses and hugs are not really important, but having a good relationship is important!