This Is Why Messi Is Becoming A Total Footballer


At the age of 30-35, a typical playmaker or a super star football player begins losing the abilities he had in his “prime”.  Abilities such as pace and dribbling skills.

Players like Ronaldo, Bale and Hazard highly depend on pace and dribbling skills. Which means, as time goes by and they get older, they will no longer be able to contribute to the team. And we all know what happens when a player is not capable of performing on a top level.

Is Messi a part of the same category?

People are used to watching Messi scoring amazing goals. If he scores a free-kick, and assists two goals, people will probably think he isn’t in his top form.

But if any other player would score a free-kick and make two assists, he would easily receive the “man of the match” award. That’s the magic of Messi.

The expectations for the best player in the world are extremely high. People expect him to score solo goals like this one almost every match:

But he is human after all. The only thing Messi and every other football player in the world have in common is the fact that they will start to lose their pace as they get older.

Messi is 29 years old, and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet. On the contrary, he’s even better now with the experience and the ability to adopt the game.

He still has the ability to break defenses apart, and even play as a super star.

But what happens when he loses the pace and acceleration?

The video you’re about to see defines Messi as a player:

The game VS Celtic was astonishing, but Messi didn’t score any solo goals. It was all about team-play, and timing. The goal that he assisted to Suarez defines Messi without his typical and recognizable pace.

Even without the pace, he can still change the whole game with a single move. It doesn’t have to be solo dribbling. It can be a simple pass, or a cross.

Messi becoming a total footballer

The age of 29 is considered the most productive period for a striker or a winger. At the age of 29, a certain player can possess both the experience and physical abilities.

We can easily notice the difference in Messi’s style, now that he’s mature and a complete playmaker.

Back in the old days, he wasn’t so much into assisting other players, but he’s changed now. His number one goal is to win games. He has no problem with being the second best scorer in the league, as long as one of his teammates is above him.

He already broke every record out there, and his next goal is to transform into a total footballer. He needs to do more with less effort.  For example, use passes to breakdown a defense.  Go solo dribbling when the timing is right; otherwise pass the ball!

This will help Messi stay away from injuries, and still score those goals (or assist in scoring a goal, at least)!