Most Memorable Barcelona El Clasico Moments


You can hate Messi, or you can hate Ronaldo. You can hate Barcelona, or you can hate R. Madrid. You can even hate both Messi and Ronaldo, but you will still be watching the El Clasico!

The biggest derby in the world is one of the most watched games overall. High tensions, goals, fights, red cards is what makes the El Clasico the most watched derby in the world.

But we’re going to focus on Barcelona’s best El Clasico moments, and there are many of them.

Let’s start with some records first.

With 21 goals, Lionel Messi is the top El Clasico scorer. Messi also has 2 hat-tricks against the bitter rival. But Messi wasn’t always the main man.

The standing ovation

Before Messi, Ronaldinho was the player to watch against the team that once rejected him. The video above is a pure example of how money doesn’t always win in football.

They had the Galácticos, and Barcelona had passion and teamwork. Even though Ronaldinho almost single handedly destroyed R.M in the highlights above, the whole team was working together to end the R.M league domination at that time.

Guardiola welcomes Mourinho to La Liga

Every R.M fan was looking forward to this El Clasico. They had Ronaldo, Kaka and a new coach. But when they started pressing Barcelona and playing an open football, Guardiola knew it was his time to shine.

Barcelona smashed R.M with a humiliating 5-0.

The 2-6 away victory

This was arguably the most painful game that R.M fans ever watched. Madrid was playing at home, but Barcelona was the dominating force.

This was from the time when Henry, Eto and Messi were paying as forwards. Xavi and Iniesta were there as well, and they made sure Barcelona had control over the match.

Even the great Puyol scored a header from the corner.

Another away victory for Barcelona

Barcelona destroyed Madrid on Santiago Bernabeu and Messi wasn’t even a starter. Neymar and Suarez were the best players on the pitch, alongside Iniesta of course.

He scored a beauty after Neymar’s tricky pass.

Messi’s amazing solo goal

This wasn’t a La Liga game, but it still counts as El Clasico. It was an even more important game, a Champions League semi-final.

Messi was in his prime, and crowned as the world best player. But some people were still skeptical when it comes to the “world best ever” title. So he decided to demonstrate the talent and the skills that he poses, against the mighty Real Madrid.

Messi before he took over the world

If a young player is able to score a goal or two in the first few games as a starter, he is considered talented and a future world class player. But how about a hat-trick against R.M?

Messi was only nineteen when he scored a hat-trick against Madrid, and Ronaldinho was there to witness the future number 10 exploding.