Marco Verratti To Barcelona?

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-08

Transfer speculations are endless. Newspapers will never start with guessing the next big super star signing. The latest transfer rumor related to Barcelona is Marco Verratti. Even if it’s just speculation, every Barcelona fan would like this transfer to happen.

Verratti is a key player at PSG.

He’s just 23 years old but he’s already one of the best playmakers in the world. Every time Barcelona and PSG played against each other in the Champions League, Verratti was the most dangerous to mark. He can create something out of nothing, and this can be deadly if he has a pair of world class strikers ahead of him.

The real reason we like to believe that Marco Verratti to Barcelona is possible is the Champions League title. PSG are spending a fortune every transfer market, but they just can’t get a breakthrough in the CL competition.

They do dominate the French league, but every young player dreams of lifting the CL trophy one day. Barcelona is the perfect team for players who like to win trophies. Suarez and Neymar already accomplished their goal.

And not just winning the CL, but winning a treble.

The timing is perfect as well. After Ibrahimovic left, PSG are having troubles with CL and the French league. On the other hand, Barcelona is looking for someone creative to assist and later replace Iniesta as the playmaker.

However, Verratti has a downside that he needs to work on.

Taking too many risks

It’s natural for playmakers to take risks, but they should be as calculated as possible. Football is not math, and you only have a second to make a decision. That’s why players like Iniesta are priceless. Iniesta always thinks ahead, and he plans his moves even before he receives the ball.

That’s Verratti’s weakness. He has the habit to take risks that could lead to counter attacks. Barcelona biggest vulnerability are counter attacks, and taking too many risks is not expected from a playmaker.

“He takes too many risks.” – His former coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Verratti is an amazing player, but playing for Barcelona and taking too many risks is not an option. Especially when the whole defense is pressing high, and every lost ball can be turned into a goal for the opposite team.

“A lot of the time I am told to clear the ball, kick it out, ‘degager le ballon’ they shout, but I can’t do that and if I have to do that then it feels like a defeat for me.”

“I don’t know how to do it. I never get rid of the ball that way and when I am watching TV and I see players who do get rid of the ball then I don’t accept it. I know each player’s got a different style. But that’s not my style. I will never change. I’d rather not play football at all than have to change my style.” – Marco Verratti.

This is Verratti’s weakness, but that doesn’t mean he can’t improve. The Barcelona system is different. If Enrique assigns him the right position, Verrati could become a key player. With a trio like MSN in from of him, his creativity would be put to good use.

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