Injuries are always a blow for any football club, especially if it happens to a first squad player. Coaches have the task to replace a key player with someone from the bench, which sometimes doesn’t work as planned.

But injuries can sometimes bring benefits as well. When Man Utd singed Vidic, he spent his first few months on the bench. But after an injury, Vidic had a chance to show Ferguson that he’s more than just a substitute.

Until the injured player recovered, Vidic was already in his top form. Ferguson gave Vidic a leading role in the defense, and he even wore the captain patch after Rio Ferdinand left the club.

This is not the only case of beneficial injury in football. Xavi got his lucky break when Pep got injured. But the injury that Barcelona is facing right now simply can’t be replaced.

Even though Turan is doing a great job, he can’t replace Messi. In fact, no one can replace Messi.

Enrique on Turan

“Unfortunately, we were without him [Messi] for two months last year,” Luis Enrique said. “But the players know that they must play to win titles and they are doing just that.”

“Clearly, Arda now has more spectacular numbers in terms of his goals scored, but we must take into account adaptation.”

“Until January he could not play, but I have always been happy with how he’s played. Perhaps it has not been as spectacular for the fans, but he has always been at a high level.”

Regarding Messi, he said: “I can give you the normal information on a player who’s recovering.”

“He’s improving. I think it’s nine days he’s been injured now and things are progressing according to schedule. He will return when he is fully fit and I will tell you when the time comes.”

Turan was a key player at Atletico Madrid, but his natural position is already taken by MSN. The best attacking trio in the world leaves no chance for replacement. Turan would be a first team player in any other big club. But unfortunately, he still can’t find his place in Barcelona as a first team player.

Enrique on Umtiti

“It’s the same as Leo [Messi], although obviously [Umtiti] is a bit further ahead with his recovery,” said Luis Enrique.

“He’s back training on the pitch. You’ll see when he’s ready to play again. It’s always the same at the end of the recovery process, it’s about a player getting back to full fitness and that’s dependent on the individual.”

Umtiti had a great start with Barcelona. He wasn’t the typical super-start signing, but he poses the qualities of a center back that perfectly fit into the Barcelona system.

According to Enrique, Umtiti is back training on the pitch. This is good news for the fans and the club. Let’s hope he returns before the clash with Man City. He will be needed to strengthen the defense, and cope with players like Aguero and Iheanacho.

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