Leganes vs. Barcelona: The Post Match Review


The MSN trio just showed the world that they’re in top form and ready to face every opponent. One of the biggest strengths that a team like Barcelona has is the ability to perform a comeback.

The loss against Alaves was a big blow for the whole team. But that’s just one game. And when the whole world was putting them down, they returned with a bang.

The game VS Celtic was a goal show, and the game VS Leganes is no different:

With a 5-1 win, the MSN trio confirmed the “best attacking trio ever” statements from football experts.

The big secret that helps the trio to be so efficient is selflessness. Messi assisted to Suarez when he had a clear shot on an empty goal, just to return the favor from few minutes ago.

The same happened between Suarez and Neymar. The only reason Neymar scored is because Suarez wasn’t selfish.

Maybe this looks silly against a team like Leganes, assisting each other when they can easily score. But that’s what Barcelona is all about. Full domination, destroying teams, and playing till the last minute.

They play to stay on top of the League table, not the scorer sheet. Messi, Neymar and Suarez know that teamwork is the key to success. Maybe Neymar won’t score a single goal in this match, but he will score three in the next one. And Messi could easily make three assists, and score two goals in the next game.

Leganes was hoping for a draw against Barcelona. They already managed to stay unbeaten against Atletico Madrid, and they had the same plans against Barcelona too.

Enrique’s risky 3-4-3 formation paid off

Enrique decided to go all in right from the beginning. Pique, Umtiti and Mascherano were Barcelona’s back line, and Jordi Alba was assigned a new position as a winger.

We can all agree that Alba poses the abilities of a winger. He’s fast, he can dribble and deliver great passes as well. But playing with 3 defenders only is extremely risky, especially against a team with a counter attack strategy.

Besides setting an aggressive tempo right from the start, Enrique wanted to rest Sergio Busquets.

“I’m pleased with everyone’s participation and performance,” the team’s coach said after the match.

“We took advantage of the spaces very well and we were very active right from the beginning.”

“When we have the ball we use a ‘pivot’ and today we did that with three centre-backs.”

“The approach was a little risky, but we carried it out well.”

“I will try to give Busquets some rest, although I’d obviously prefer him to always play,” he said.

But the best goal wasn’t scored from the Trio. Rafinha was responsible for a beautiful finesse, of course when the winner was already decided.

Leganes had their moment of joy after Gabriel scored a free kick in 80′ minute. The goal didn’t had an impact on the game, but it sure was a world-class goal from the Leganes player.