Rivalry is a common thing in football. You can see how players compete against the opposite team in every match. More goals, more assists or more tackles, it’s all about who comes out on top after the final whistle.

But this is not where it ends, and it often goes beyond the 90 minutes. Because it’s all about the winners at the end. The cover, the awards, the titles.  Only the best team will be crowned and the best players will be nominated for the golden ball award.

When it comes to rivalry in football, no one tops the R. Madrid vs. Barcelona situation. The El Clasico game is watched by the whole world.

You’re either for Barcelona or R. Madrid.  Messi or Ronaldo.

But this time, it’s not the typical Messi vs. Ronaldo rivalry. We’re talking about the Pique vs. Arbeloa social media war. These two players both play for Spain, and they’ve won and celebrated titles together.

But as soon as the national competition is over, they’re back to provocative tweets.

Pique vs. Arbeloa

Pique started the war by saying; “Arbeloa is not a friend, just someone I know” and Arbeloa wasn’t happy.

And of course, he had to respond as well.

“Many people told me ‘you have to respond,’ Arbeloa told La Galerna. “I have digested it enough.”

“You usually heat up and respond straight away, but later you realise it is better to let the situation cool over and not say certain things.”

“I could explain to the world why I am not Pique’s friend, but maybe he would not be in a good way if I did that.”

“It’s also true that I know his family, and the respect I have for them, he does not have for mine.”

“Our families are important. We hear a lot of claptrap and more or less you don’t care, but those close to you suffer.”

Arbeloa was hurt by Pique’s statement. But he also warned him to keep his comments to himself, especially if it involves R. Madrid.

“Thinking about that [Pique’s comment], I preferred not to respond. If he attacked Real Madrid once again, I would have jumped, because I will defend them always.”

“To attack me is different. This is my form of acting. To not respond is better than to say things that could have been said.”

But it’s all over now

They’re both professionals, and we understand the drama that’s surrounding the El Calsico. They both play, or played for Spain. That’s exactly why Pique apologized to Arbeloa and now everything is back to normal.

“I wish him the best wherever he goes next. If they have given him a send-off like that, it is because he has deserved it.”

“Sometimes the tone has been a bit too much and we shouldn’t have done it. But he’s had a great career with some big trophies, including the World Cup, and for wherever he goes I wish him well.” – Source.

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