Messi Has New Hairstyle, Talks about Retiring from National Football


We all need a change in life, especially after a failure. Even though Messi has won everything with Barcelona, that’s not the case with Argentina as well.

That’s the only thing missing in his career. He always wanted to make his country happy, but luck simply wasn’t on his side. He was close on two occasions: the World Cup final and the Copa America final.

But he lost both finals, and he decided to retire from the national team after they lost against Chile.

He is 29 years old, and the chances of winning a title with Argentina are getting smaller. We all know Messi is not giving up easily, but the game against Chile was devastating for him.

They’ve lost on penalties, and he missed as well.

Missing a penalty means nothing to a player like Messi. It’s a matter of luck, and skills don’t really play an important role. But the fact that his country was counting on him, and he couldn’t score his penalty was vital for this decision to retire.

Messi talks about his retirement from national football

“’I am very grateful,” Messi told Argentine TV. “But I did not deceive anybody when I retired, I felt that.

“We were very disappointed with what had happened, but after that I thought better.”

“I had a conversation with the Paton [Bauza] and the people as well accompanied me through it.”

“I don’t know if I will play against Venezuela,” Messi said. “I have a lot of pain in my groin but I wanted to be here after the disturbance I caused.”

The good news is that he’s back now. Argentina is still counting on him and this is probably the last chance to win something with the national team.

His first task should be to help the team to qualify for the World Cup. He wasn’t able to play the last match because of his injury, but he will return for Barcelona and Argentina when he recovers.

Messi talks about his new hair

“I made a change to start from zero.

“A lot had gone on, things had happened, and I said to myself: ‘I have to break this and start again’.

“It was how I felt in that moment. Everything came crashing down.

“I felt like that [Copa America final] was the one, given how the team was and how we’d played in the competition. It was a huge disappointment.”

Changing the color of his hair has no influence on his talent. But it represents that he is ready to move on with his career. The failure with Argentina was disappointing, but he’s back now, and he’s stronger than ever.

The experience should help him to take Argentina to one more final, and hopefully win the upcoming World Cup.