Luis Suarez Is Linked with a Move to Inter


This rumor is directly related to the news that Inter Milan has new and rich owners. They’re planning to invest in the team, and Suarez seems to be one of their main target.

But looking from a different point of view, Inter has nothing special to offer to Suarez, except more money of course.

Suarez is close to signing a new deal with Barcelona, and he would probably make as much as Neymar. Besides the new deal, Suarez knows that Barcelona is the perfect place for winning titles and moving forward with your career.

Joining Inter is definitely a step backwards for Suarez.

Barcelona or Suarez haven’t yet comment on the rumors, but they’re probably going to deny any possibility of Suarez leaving the club soon.

Since he joined Barcelona in 2014, Suarez became a key player.

He fits perfectly with Neymar and Messi, and he his scoring stats are amazing. He was the top scorer last season in La Liga, leaving both Ronaldo and Messi behind.

The only way Suarez could leave Barcelona is if Inter is willing to offer 150 million dollars for him. The chances of this happening are extremely low, because Suarez is 29 years old.

No club is willing to spend that kind of money for a 29-year-old player.

Luis Enrique talks about the leaked strategy against Borussia Monchengladbach

What happens in the dressing room should stay in the dressing room. But that’s not always the case. Every coach has a different strategy, and discussing it publically is not an option.

“I think this all comes from a situation that came from a game in Germany where some tactical information came out in the media, it was just an accident, nothing else.” – Enrique.

Enrique had to say that the leaking was an accident. A lot of star players are playing for Barca, and solving this problem publicly is not a good idea.

If in case a player is responsible for leaking the tactical information, Barcelona should handle this privately.

“In 15 years as a player, eight as a coach, I’ve never lost confidence in people, I’ve never lost energy, it’s something which happens inside teams.”  

“These things happen, but I never waste time with these things, they happen, I can’t control them, it’s not one of my objectives as a coach, so if you look at what some media do, I won’t argue with that, people who know me know what’s important and people can opine on whatever they wish.”

We’re sure hope the leaking was just a mistake, and that players are loyal to the club. Enrique perfectly explained to the reporter about how he feels about the accident.