Chinese Club Offerd $50m For This Barcelona Player

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-14

Even though football is all about passion, there’s a time in every footballer’s life when he has to pick between money and passion. This is mostly true for world-class talent. They’re offered huge salaries to join less competitive and important leagues.

China and USA are the two biggest destinations that are open to spending millions, just to bring super stars into their leagues.

This helps with taking football to another level in countries like China and the US, but the players who pick money over passion are doomed when it comes to winning titles and moving forward.

We’re not saying that China and the US have nothing to offer. But it is a fact that the most important football competition is happening in Europe. The Champions League is a dream come true for every player out there.

This is actually one of the biggest reason why players decide to move from a club like Arsenal to Barcelona. Henry’s goal was to win a Champions League before he retires.

He couldn’t do it with Arsenal, but he did it with Barcelona.

And the Chinese league simply can’t be compared to the Premier League or La Liga. But players still fail to resist the mind-blowing offers coming from China.

Arda Turan is still considered as a new signing, but his dedication and loyalty to the club is something fans should admire.

“Last season, a club from China offered €50m to sign me, but Barcelona rejected the offer,” Turan told Beyaz TV. “Barcelona did not sign me just for six months. I am at Barcelona as part of a long-term project.”

We can use Vidal as another example of a player who is not willing to dedicate to the club and improve. He would rather leave, and continue his career at a different club.

But Arda is different. His love for Barcelona was big, before he even joined Barcelona.

Arda was a huge Barca fan

According to his previous coach, Arda was in love with Barcelona and the way they played, even before Barcelona showed interested in him.

“When a good exchange of passes was done, he shouted “Ole!” and looked at Albert and me, saying “Like Xavi, like Iniesta!”

“Have no doubt that Arda has been a lover of Barcelona’s game since childhood, and for him to play against them in Spain, and fight for leagues and cups like in recent years, is a very special thing for him. To sign for them and be a Barcelona player is the culmination of a dream career.” – Source.

He is a true fighter, and Enrique appreciates his qualities.

“I’m really happy with Arda’s performance,” Luis Enrique said after the hard-fought victory at Borussia Park.

“This year he’s showing the form we all knew he was capable of.

“He’s helping the team a lot, but that’s something we knew he’d do when we signed him.”

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