This Barcelona Legend Says Cristiano Ronaldo Is Jealous of Messi


Retired players only have two options to stay connected to football: coaching or commenting. You may think that playing 20 years of football is actually enough, but that’s not really the case. The passion for the beautiful game never dies.

Of course, those who are gifted to continue their careers as coaches are still a big part of football. They won’t play, but they have the chance to be part of winning a game or a title.

They once again have the chance to experience the feeling of victory. Pep Guardiola is a perfect example.

He was a great player, and now he’s a great coach as well. Of course he’s not the only one, but he is the Barcelona legend worth mentioning.

However, he wasn’t the one who said Ronaldo is jealous of Messi. We’re talking about Hristo Stoichkov.

Stoichkov is both a Bulgarian and Barcelona legend. He was the part of the “dream team” lead by Johan Cruyff. He is a golden ball winner, and one of the best strikers Barca ever had.

Stoichkov and Romario were the famous duo that helped Barcelona with winning the Champions League and many La Liga titles.

Stoichkov is not a coach, which means he spends his time watching and commenting about football. Because he is a Barcelona legend, he is a huge admirer of Messi and the whole team.

“Messi no longer competes with anyone, he is a myth.”

“No one can doubt that Messi should win the Ballon d’Or. I think it’s impossible that someone can overcome him.”

“I doubt there will be another player like Messi.” – Stoichkov on Messi.

Stoichkov is not the only player to publicly admire Messi. But sometimes, he uses a more different approach to express his thoughts.

He has the habit to say what’s on his mind with no regrets at all.

Stoickhov says Ronaldo is jealous of Messi

“Everyone knows it,” Stoichkov said. “There is a reason for that. The problem is when you do not recognise it. And often your own ego kills you. I believe [Cristiano] is jealous. And you cannot compare a myth with a player nearing the end of his career.”

“I do not like Cristiano’s attitude too much.”

“Sometimes it seems he blames his teammates. That’s his character, but he should think more before doing these things.”

“You do not need to whistle him, because he has done incredible things for Real Madrid, but he should tone down this cocky attitude, it is not good for him or for the club.” – Source.

Admiring Messi is one thing, but including Ronaldo in your comment is not really necessary. Stoickhov was and still is a Barcelona legend. But we think he should focus on praising Barcelona players without mentioning players from a rival club.