This Is Why We’re Expecting Barcelona To Score 5+ Goals In Their Next Match


Scoring 5+ goals is not an easy task. There are only few teams in the world that could score 5+ goals two games in a row.

Barcelona is one of those teams.

We all can agree that football is an unpredictable sport. No one was expecting to see Leicester City winning the Premier League title, but they did it.

No matter how great or in form a certain team is, you can always expect to see the underdogs going home with a win.

Barcelona shocked the world against Alaves. They lost a La Liga game at home in the first month of the competition.

This was more shocking than seeing them trash Celtic in the Champions League. But according to stats, we’re going to see a lot of goals in Barcelona’s next game.

This is what happened in the last Barcelona vs Sporting Gijón La Liga game. The MSN trio was devastating. Suarez scored 4 goals, Neymar scored one and Messi one as well.

On top of that, they conceded 5 goals in their last La Liga game against Atletico Madrid. But that doesn’t mean they’re not willing to put on a fight against Barcelona.

How should Barcelona line up against Sporting Gijón?

With Messi injured, Enrique is going play Arta Turan as his replacement. Neymar will probably have more freedom and space to act as a leader.

Suarez will be doing the usual, finding a position to score.

We don’t really expect any drastic changes when it comes to the starting eleven. But Enrique could experiment with the formation and the strategy like in the game against Leganes.

With Umtiti being injured, Mascherano will retain his central defender spot. But is Enrique going to play with 3 defenders only?

We think experimenting with tactics without the best player on the field is not a wise move. He should stick with the usual defending formation, and let Neymar take over the responsibility of a playmaker.

“Neymar has his own style, which I think is spectacular for football,” said Enrique in his press conference ahead of Atletico on Wednesday, per Grup 14.

“He understands football like that and we enjoy him here. There are more players who have their own style. Everyone can interpret it as he wants.”

“I like how Neymar plays,” Enrique continued. “At this point no one can claim to be surprised by him. I invite him to keep entertaining us.”

This is not the first time Neymar is going to have a chance to shine on his own. While Messi was injured in the previous season, Neymar was able to improve his game and show the world that he’s ready to take over after Messi retires.

That’s exactly what every Barcelona fan is expecting him to do in the next match. This is an important period of La Liga, and Barcelona can’t afford losing points against teams like Sporting Gijón.

Madrid is already ahead of Barcelona on the table, and things can get worse if they keep losing points against smaller teams.