Every Barcelona Fan Is Expecting Barcelona To Win La Liga In 2016/17 Because Of This!

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-25

Barcelona has won 6 La Liga tittles in the last 8 years. That leaves both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid with one La Liga tittle in the last 8 years.

The stats clearly show that Barcelona is the dominating force in the Spanish league. Messi is still La Liga top goal scorer, and it looks like he’s planning to take the record to an unbreakable level.

Messi is 29 years old and he already has 312 goals. He is more than capable of scoring 30+ goals per season.

But let’s say he scores 20 goals per season, and plays 4 more seasons. He will have a total of 372 goals when he retires.

It might take centuries until we see someone capable of challenging this record.

This makes us wonder, what keeps a player like Messi and a team like Barcelona motivated to win titles every year?

It’s simple: the need to constantly improve.

We’ve seen Barcelona struggle in the last few years, but what makes this team truly special is the ability to always find a way to get back on top.

So we know they poses the motivation to win the upcoming La Liga tittle, but do they have the right team?

There were no super-start signings this season, and a player like Dani Alves wasn’t replaced with a young prodigy worth millions.

This summer transfer period was used for improving the little gaps in the defending line, and adding a bit of creativity in the middle.

The signing of Samuel Umtiti

fc barcelona transfer news

The last transfer window was all about rumors connecting Barcelona with high-profile defenders like Tiago Silva and Marquinhos.

But none of these rumors came true, even though every Barcelona fan would love to see a player like Tiago Silva wearing the Blaugrana jersey.

But they ended up signing Samuel Umtiti, a French player who got his chance thanks to injuries.

Umtiti was going to start for France in the Euro 2016, if Varane and Zouma weren’t injured. But he got his lucky break, and his performance was outstanding.

Umtiti is just was Barcelona was looking for. He is tall, strong and he has solid passing and ball control skills.

He is not a super-start signing, but that’s actually a good thing. He has less pressure on him, and he is motivated to prove he deserves a place in the starting eleven.

André Gomes

fc barcelona transfer news

Both Rakitic and Busquets were one of the best players last year, which means the defensive midfielder position is covered.

Iniesta was impressive like always, but he is 32 years old and he’s not getting any younger. Which brings us to Andre Gomes.

The 23 year old midfielder from Valencia is fits perfectly into the Barcelona system. He poses the vision and the dribbling skills, and he could potentiality replace Iniesta when the time comes.

The right back situation

fc barcelona transfer news

Lucas Digne is another youngster that Barcelona signed to improve the squad for the upcoming season. But his natural position is left-back, and Alba is considered to be one of the best left-becks in the world.

Maybe Enrique is planning to adopt Digne to the right side, and replace Dani Alves with a player as explosive as the skilful Brazilian.

Sergi Roberto is another option for the right-back position. Enrique already played him as a right-back in few occasions in the previous season.

The only down side is that he will lose the ability to use his natural talent to contribute to the team from his natural position: midfielder.

But, the summer transfer window is not over yet. Maybe Barcelona is planning to surprise us all with yet another signing?

Let us know in the comment section what makes Barca the favorite for winning La Liga 2016/2017?

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