Every Barca fan was shocked from the last defeat against Celta Vigo. The team was way below their recognizable form, and they even conceded 4 goals.

Barcelona was losing 3-0 at halftime, and without Messi the chances of coming back were thin.

This is what Enrique had to say after the game.

“I’m the first person responsible for this defeat.”

“We all lose and we all win [together], but when we lose I’m culpable first; the first who has to improve. I’m responsible for the rotations and I’m the one who has to take the responsibility.”

“We entered a negative dynamic and began to lose individual duels in which [Celta] got the better of us,” Enrique said.

“We didn’t attack into space, we weren’t well-positioned, we didn’t have control of the game and we didn’t play with any fluidity.”

“We anticipated things better and were more accurate with the ball in the second half, but it’s clear that the fourth goal killed us. Given how the game was going, though, it didn’t surprise me.”

The individual mistakes

Congratulations to Celta Vigo for the win. They really did a great job with defending, and the counter attacks. But the truth is, all of the conceded goals were from mistakes.

We’re talking about simple mistakes that shouldn’t be seen on a professional level. The whole defense was way too relaxed, and far away from prepared for the fast Celta Vigo attackers and wingers.

However, Enrique accepts the blame, and he isn’t going to publicly criticize individual players.

“A Barcelona goalkeeper has to take risks,” Enrique comments about Ter Stegen’s mistake. “I’m not going to talk about individual errors.”

“The goalkeeper is key for us. He serves to create superiority in terms of keeping the ball and bringing it out.”

“It’s easy to criticise and say that maybe he could have taken on less of a risk, but everything’s easier in retrospect.”

Even though we agree with Enrique on not criticizing players in public, he should definitely talk to a few individuals behind the scenes.

Ter Stegen apologized for the mistake

“I’m sorry for the team, who fought really hard. For me, it was the pass which seemed the right one, but it’s an error I don’t want to talk a lot about.”

“It shouldn’t happen. It’s worse for the team; I think we lost because of it.”

“It’s an error, but it’s passed. I can’t think all the time about what’s happened. I have to continue, keep my head up. We continue on the same path, and so do I.”

It is understandable for Barcelona goalkeepers to make mistakes. They sometimes have more completed passes than many of the opposite players. It’s not easy for them, but they should focus on taking less risks.

Because every mistake they make is probably going to turn into a goal for the opposite team. Let’s just hope Ter Stegen is going to take this result as a lesson for the future.


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