Can We Expect Barcelona To Win The Upcoming Champions League Match?

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-02

The benefit of being a Barcelona fan is that you’re always expecting a win. And we’re not talking about just a 1-0 win, but a demonstration of power with a 5-0 results, and sometimes even 7-0.

But that’s not always the case.

Football is changed. Every club that qualified for the Champions League is has the qualities to go against R. Madrid or Barcelona.

Even though this rarely happens, it is still a possibility.

Having a worthy opponent is improving the quality of football. Every year Barcelona, R. Madrid and Bayern are the top favorites for winning the Champions League.

However, the underdogs are no longer a pleasant surprise we only see once in ten years. Teams like Dortmund and Atletico Madrid poses the quality to challenge for the title.

Dortmund was the dominant team, and R. Madrid were creating chances on counter attacks. When everyone was expecting Dortmund to score after a period of few good chances, Ronaldo scored a counter attack assisted by Bale.

But that’s what football is all about. Having possession and more chances doesn’t guarantee you a win at the end.

Barcelona VS Monchengladbach

Monchengladbach are far from being a favorite to quality for the knock-out stage. Barcelona and Man City were both dominant in their first Champions League matches.

Monchengladbach couldn’t handle the Pep’s Man City, and that’s some good news for Barcelona fans. Both Enrique and Pep have similar strategies. Pressing and possession are the key for both teams.

Enrique is going to pressure the German side, and look for an early goal to open up the game. With Messi being injured, Neymar will take the role of a target man.

Iniesta and Rakitic had a game off in La Liga, and they’re expected to start in the Champions League. Because of an injury, Umtiti will be of the list and Mascherano will start the game.

After Sergi’s last game, there’s no doubt who will take the right back position. Digne was a starter against Sporting, but Alba will replace him against Monchengladbach.

We’re all hoping of another episode of the Celtic VS Barcelona game, but without Messi we could settle for a 3 points.

Enrique on Monchengladbach

“They’re a formidable side at home and we will have to produce a top performance to beat them,” he said.

“They’re well organised and press the ball high. They’re dangerous without the ball, but I would add to that that with the ball they know what they’re doing. “

“They have quick, quality players in attack who score a lot of goals, although they’ve also conceded a few. We have to nullify their strengths and if we don’t we will suffer.”

Both Barcelona and the Bundesliga side won their last game. In fact, Monchengladbach have won all three of their home league games this season.

This means that Barcelona will be put on a test in the Champions League as well. They already had to face Atletico Madrid in the league, and this will be a chance to prove that Barcelona is learning from the mistakes.

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