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Can We Expect Another Treble From Barcelona In 2017?

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-25

Once you fall in love with a club, there’s no coming back. That’s the beauty of football. No matter if your team is winning titles every year, or every 10 years, you will stick to your favorite team till the end.

The joy of seeing your favorite team lifting a trophy at the end of the season can be only experienced by a true football fan.

But not all fans have the privilege to see their team celebrating a successful season.

But Barcelona fans do!

Winning the treble is a dream come true for every football club out there. It means that your team dominated the league, Champions League and the domestic cup.

Many fans have to go years back to remember the last treble, but not Barcelona fans.

Barcelona won the last treble in the 2014–15 season. That’s only a year ago!

The team didn’t lose any key player since 2014/2015, but it was only improved by the new signings this transfer market.

The 2014/2015 was a remarkable season for Barcelona. They’ve dominated against Bayern, and proved that they can win games without possession:

Messi won his fifth Balón de Oro, and the team was ready to defend the Champions League title in the upcoming season.

The 2015/2016 season stared with a lot of optimism. The MSN trio was breaking records, and Barcelona was wining. Everything was going according to plan.

But just like every other team, Barcelona can lose form too. The problem was, the team lost form in the most critical part of the season.

They weren’t even close to their best against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. They won 2-1 at home, but they couldn’t protect the lead on Vicente Calderón.

The bad form almost cost them the La Liga title. They’ve lost points against opponents they usually win with ease.

But it was all a result of a bad form. The team kept it together, and secured both La Liga and the Cup title.

Can we expect Barcelona to win the treble in 2017?

Yes they can. They want to challenge for the Champions League title, and return the crown back where it belongs: on Camp Nou.

The biggest problem from last seasons is strengthen by the physical strong Umtiti, and the MSN trio has no reason to slow down with breaking records.

Injuries are the only thing that can stop Barcelona from wining the treble again. Let’s hope Enrique rotates the player more often for the upcoming season.

Even though in the last 10 years Barcelona is clearly the dominating force in the Champions League (wining 3 titles in the last 10 years), it doesn’t mean they won’t make the treble their main objective for the 2017 season.

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