Barcelona’s Most Painful Moments and Losses

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-06

There’s no such thing as perfect in football, but Barcelona is the closest thing we’ve seen to being perfect. They’ve changed the game with their tiki-taka philosophy. They were and still are a dominating force.

Every year Barcelona is the number one favorite for winning the La Liga and the Champions League. Well, when you have players like Messi, Neymar and Iniesta, it’s expected to be the number one favorite for winning every title.

This is probably the closest thing to perfect we’ve ever seen:

And we’re talking about a Champions League final here. This is not your league game where one team domination is common. It’s the Champions League, and Barcelona was absolutely dominating the game.

The opponent wasn’t an underdog that got lucky, it was Manchester United. It wasn’t the Man Utd of today, but the recognizable Man Utd from the Ferguson era.

Noting of this mattered. Not Ferguson, not Rooney, not Vidic or Ferdinand. It was all about Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and the rest of the squad.

This Champions League final will be remembered in history as force demonstration by the greatest club ever!

But, like we mentioned above, there’s no such thing as perfect in football.

Barcelona had losses and bad moments as well. They’ve had hard times, lack of inspiration on the pitch and problems with injuries.

Barcelona VS Inter

This wasn’t technically a loss, but a 1-0 win wasn’t enough to reach the Champions League final. This wasn’t due to bad form or lack of inspiration on the pitch. Barcelona weren’t lucky enough to turn those chances into one more goal.

Inter had a great game under Mourinho, and Pep was surprised by the defensive qualities and organization of Inter’s back line.

Barcelona VS Chelsea

Chelsea is a world-class club, but in 2011/2012 they were the underdog in the Champions League. They had huge difficulties with Napoli, before they faced Barcelona in the semi-final.

And again, luck wasn’t on Barca’s side. Messi missed a penalty, and Barcelona just couldn’t cope with the “park the bus” tactic.

Because of their super offensive strategy, Barcelona was vulnerable at counter-attacks. And that’s exactly what happened. Two counter attacks turned into two goals, and Barcelona was out of the Champions League.

Chelsea reached the final and won the competition against Bayern.

Bayern Munich VS FC Barcelona

This was one of the most painful nights for Barcelona fans. The team was totally outplayed by the Germans, and Messi just returned from injury. The team couldn’t handle the pressure from Bayern, and Messi had one of his worst games ever.

It was clear who will play in the final even after the first game. But Barcelona had to face another humiliating defeat from Bayern, and this time on Camp Nou.

The shocking results was all over the internet, and Barcelona and the fans were trolled through memes and videos.

But a few years later, this happened:

The fans had their revenge, and Barcelona was back to dominate football!

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