This was supposed to be an easy game for Barcelona, but it wasn’t. When Pique scores the winner, you know something wasn’t right.

We’re not saying Pique is not a good player. But usually Neymar, Messi and Suarez are responsible for scoring goal, when Barcelona is winning.

Enrique decided to replace Messi with Paco, instead of Turan. But this wasn’t a good plan. Barcelona already has Suarez who’s the same typical number 9 like Paco. The only difference is that Suarez is way better than Paco.

With Paco and Suarez upfront, Neymar had to drop back to control the attack. Enrique was using the 4-3-1-2 formation, but he changed the approach when Turan replaced Paco.

Both Paco and Turan are offensive players, but Paco is your typical striker. Turan on the other hand poses more qualities.

He can contribute both in attacking and defending. He can dribble, assist and give more space to Neymar, which is vital now when Messi is injured.

This rarely happens, but Busquets made a mistake. He lost the ball, and the German side formed a quick counter attack which ended into a goal. Barcelona was forced to chase the results till the end of the game.

And the scorers were Turan and Pique. Neymar and Suarez had their chances, but they just couldn’t score.

Pique post match comments

Pique talks about the goal: “It was a pre-planned play for Luis [Suarez] and my job had been to block,” he said in a post-match interview.”I saw the goalkeeper was uncertain and it turned out well.”

“We knew it would be a difficult game as they are very dangerous on the counter attack and very quick.”

“I think in the first half they scored a goal with the only chance they had, while we wasted several opportunities.”

“In the second half we were much better, with more chances, more of the ball and with fewer chances for them.”

“Because Barcelona had more of the ball and didn’t commit as many errors, there were fewer turnovers.”

Turran – the super sub

Turran was close to leaving Barcelona this summer, because the chances of playing first team football were thin.

He played 18 games last season, and he only scored twice. But this season the numbers are different. Turran has five goals from nine matches.

It looks like Enrique is depending on Turran, when he’s in trouble.

Enrique comments after the match

“We dominated the first half and created several chances.”

“We didn’t carve out as many opportunities after half-time, but overall it was a deserved win.”

“Monchengladbach did not play the way they usually play, but they opted to sit deep. We got chances, but they hit us on the break, something which they are very good at.”

“We responded after the interval and our strategy gave us the win.”

Barcelona’s next game in the Champions League will be against Man City. The good thing is that the pressure will be off, because Barcelona is currently first in the group. City draw against Celtic, while Barcelona could be satisfied with a draw against the English team.


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