Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Post Match Review


The game against Atletico finished with no winners. Both Barcelona and Atletico had to be satisfied with one point.

Rakitic scored for Barcelona, after Iniesta sent a through ball into the box. But that wasn’t the real blow for Barcelona fans.

Messi got injured and had to leave the pitch. He was replaced by Arda Turan, and Barcelona coincided a goal 5 minutes after Messi was off the pitch.–HNU

Diego Simeone came prepared

The fact that Atletico was playing a Champions League final last year shows that they’ve improved a lot. They don’t play “attractive” football like you would expect from a Champions League finalist, but they’re brilliant when it comes to organizing and marking.

Simeone pre-match formation was 3 forwards, but things changed after the whistle. They only had two forwards to press the defenders, and they were all behind the ball defending.

They gave Barcelona the space to play possession like always, and waited for a mistake to quickly form a counter attack.

With players like Griezmann and Carrasco, Atletico can easily turn mistakes into goals. But luckily, Barcelona didn’t make many mistakes.

Sergi Roberto was a joy to watch

There’s a reason why Enrique is picking Roberto over Vidal. He had a great game overall. Barcelona was a threat in the first half, and Roberto was directly involved with sending balls into the box.

Suarez, Neymar or Messi couldn’t cope with Atletido defenders, and they couldn’t reach the crosses coming from the right back.

He was also involved in a counter attack that Barca couldn’t turn into a goal. But he did his job right. He was great in defending too. Chasing players, recovering balls and handling pressure was no problem for Sergi.

Mascherano slipped and Barcelona conceded a goal

Correa had a lucky one-on-one vs. the keeper, after Mascherano slipped and couldn’t block or tackle the player.

It wasn’t his fault completely, but this is his second mistake that lead to a goal in the last 3 games. Pique was responsible for bad positioning as well. But the biggest mistake was replacing Busquets with Gomes.

Gomes was assigned to do exactly what Busquets was doing, except that Gomes is far more offensive minded.

We’re not sure what Enrique had in mind with this substitution, but it didn’t seem to work as planned.

Messi’s injury

However, the biggest blow for Barcelona fans is Messi’s injury. According to the medical team, Messi will be out for around 3 weeks.

Luis Enrique: “To lose Messi means that football loses. With Messi we are stronger, but we will continue being strong”

Atletico looked like they weren’t in it for the win, but Barcelona was after 3 points. Simeone knows it’s difficult to play Barcelona on Camp Nou, and he wasn’t willing to risk anything.

Enrique wasn’t satisfied with one point only either.

Luis Enrique: “These types of games are decided by small details, and we deserved more.”