The new signings are yet to adopt to the team, and Barcelona is already connected with a few signing options. Barcelona wasn’t after a super-star signing this summer, and maybe that was a mistake?

Neymar was a super-star signing, and Suarez is no different. But these two players turned out to be vital for Barcelona, because they were already playing on top level.

Even in the Brazilian league, Neymar had the talent for a world-class striker/forward, and Suarez was already among the best forwards in the world. No wonder Barcelona spent a fortune to bring these two to Camp Nou.

Neymar and Suarez with the help of Messi brought Barcelona the Champions League title, La Liga title and the Spanish Cup.

They’ve justified the shocking price of $100+ million spent on two players only.

The first one to leave in January is Alex Vidal

The 27 year old right back is on his way out. He couldn’t replace Dani Alves, besides the fact that Enrique was generous enough to give him a few chances to prove he’s worth it.

And Barcelona already has a better option. Sergi Roberto is impressing the coach and the fans with his performance. It looks like the search for a right back is finally over.

However, Enrique is still interested in keeping Vidal at Barcelona:

“[Vidal’s] training well and trying to rectify the situation. It’s already happened with various players that they weren’t in my plans and then ended up being regulars. If there’s a manager open to situations changing, it’s me.”

But Vidal is 27 years old, and he is not willing to spend the rest of his career as a substation. If the situation doesn’t change till January, Vidal is probably going to leave Barcelona.

Barcelona linked with Yannick Ferreira Carrasco

The 23-year-old forward is one for the future. He’s one of Atletico’s best players, and already proved what he can do in the final against R. Madrid last season.

He’s an explosive forward with goal-scoring abilities, and Barcelona fans would be happy to see him wearing the Blaugrana Jersey.

But can Barcelona offer a first team football to Carrasco?

It will be a shame if a player like Carrasco is being used as a backup player. Barcelona already has MSN as their main forward options, and bringing Carrasco would mean that someone has to sit on the bench.

We all know Messi, Suarez and Neymar will not be replaced any time soon. But unless Enrique has a different strategy and a system to use both MSN and Carrasco in the first squad, the signing of the Belgium player is not a good move.

Scoring goals is not a problem at all, but defending is. So instead of spending millions on a MSN backup player, Barcelona should focus on signing one more world-class defender.

Umtiti is doing a great job, but in case of an injury, Barcelona simply can’t rely on players like Mathieu.


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