Barcelona Set To Offer New Contracts To 3 Vital Players


If you can’t judge a player by his skills, you can certainly judge him by his salary. Football players are being paid a lot of money.

Especially if they play for a world class club like Barcelona. Even the substitute players are making huge amounts of money, just by warming up the bench.

A player like Adriano is making 3+ million dollars per year, playing for Barcelona. Adriano played 19 games in total last season, and scored one goal.

Let’s do the math here, Adriano is being paid 157K dollars per game. That’s a lot of money for 90 minutes running.

It’s not like these type of players skip training or anything. They do work and train hard too. But the point that we’re trying to make is that if Adriano is being paid 3M per year, Messi totally deserves to be paid 40+ million dollars per year.

With the stats he has, the goals, the assists, he golden ball awards, Messi can be easily crowned as the best player in history of football.

That’s exactly why Barcelona is set to offer the main man a new contract. Messi’s contact expires in June 2018, but Barcelona is planning to extend the contact in the following months.

‘We will speak to Messi just as we will talk to Suarez and Rakitic,’ said club President Josep Maria Bartomeu. ‘We will do so in the next few months because we want them to renew their contracts.’

Messi is currently 29 years old, and in 2018 he will be 31. But it looks like he has no plans for taking a break from being the best player on the planet.

The start of this season clearly shows who will be the main player for Barcelona this year. Neymar will have to wait a bit more till he can compete for the golden ball.

Rakitic and Suarez are the other two vital players that Barcelona will offer a new contract in the upcoming months. Suarez was the top scorer last year, with 40 goals in La Liga only.

Rakitic was a vital part of the team as well. He scored the opening goal this season, and offers stability on the pitch.

Rakitic is currently earning 8+ million dollars per year. He scored 9 goals last season, which is solid for a player at his position and role.

We also like to remind the Barcelona fans that he scored the opening goal in the last Champions League final that Barcelona played:

And of course Suarez. There’s not much to say about the best striker in the world. If you’re able to score more goals alongside Messi, you’re definitely a world class player!