Barcelona Is Not Giving Up On Héctor Bellerín


There were already rumors during the last transfer window that Barcelona is interested in Bellerin. But Arsenal was not willing to sell a player that’s going to be a best in the world that easily.

A price of 40+ million dollars was mentioned, and Barcelona wasn’t ready to spend until Neymar was secure with a new deal. Now when the deal is over, Bellerin is Enrique’s number one transfer target for the upcoming transfer window in January.

Barcelona already has Alex Vidal on the right back position. But Enrique isn’t satisfied with his defensive qualities, and poor performance in the last few matches.

Enrique decided to put Vidal on the bench, even when Sergio Roberto was having a day off. It’s clear for both Vidal and the fans that Enrique has no plans of using him as a right back.

Hector Bellerin is La Masia product, and Arsenal saw potential in him when Barcelona had Alves playing as a right back. Which means Bellerin would have a hard time competing with the Brazilian for a starting eleven position.

But things are changed now.

Hector is becoming the best right back in the world, and he’s already playing for a team with a similar football philosophy to Barcelona.

During the Barcelona transfer rumors this summer, Bellerin told EcoDiario: ‘I am very happy at Arsenal. I renewed last year and have many years left.

‘I am very happy. In football you can always spend a lot, but I’m in the Arsenal, giving everything for the club. I do not think about going to anywhere else.’

Considering Alex Vidal a total flop, Barcelona will most likely look for a right back option in January. If they’re determined to sign Bellerin, they will have to make the Spaniard the most expensive right back in history.

The goal is to replace Vidal

Bellerin would be the perfect signing for the right back position, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessary. Barca could settle for someone with less pace and physically stronger instead.

Or, they could simply assign the position of right back to Sergio Roberto. He’s already playing as a right back, but they could make the decision permanent.

Of course, Segio would have to settle for a less creative roll. He’s natural position is a center midfielder, and he’s pretty good at it too.

But the CM position is a competitive one. Which means Sergio would be playing a lot more as a right back.

Barcelona is considering other options as well. Dario Srna of Shakhtar Donetsk is looking to leave the Ukrainian club, and could provide a temporary solution at a low fee.

Joao Cancelo is another potential Alex Vidal replacement. The Valencia right back is watched by other big clubs, and Barca should be favored if they show interest on time.