According to This Legendary Coach, Iniesta Is the Best Player in the World

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-04

Fans and coaches don’t always see the same things during a football game. Fans see Ronaldo scoring a goal, but coaches are watching for the player who made the assist.

Fans see Messi dribbling, but coaches see the player who opened the defense with his moves without the ball.

That’s why when a coach like Cesar Luis Menotti says Iniesta is the best player in the world, you better believe it!

Iniesta is your typical team-player type of a playmaker. He doesn’t care if he’s not on the scoreboard, as long as Barcelona is winning.

A lot of people miss the genius of Iniesta during a game. Especially if Messi scores a spectacular solo goal.

But coaches are always watching.

Vicente del Bosque used Iniesta to form a team that was unbeatable for a few years. Spain won the Euro Cup, the World Cup, and the Euro Cup again.

Iniesta was no doubt the key player. Iniesta is to Spain, what Messi is to Barcelona. Of course, the Spaniard is not as explosive as Messi.

He’s an elegant player with extraordinary football vision.

It looks like he’s always close to losing the ball, but with few of his moves, the defenders will find that they are looking at his back.

There’s even a dribbling named after him; the Iniesta turn.

Iniesta never won a golden ball award and that’s a shame. But he’s just unfortunate in an era of Messi and Ronaldo.

These two seem to be above everyone else, especially when it comes to scoring goals. Iniesta can’t compete with the numbers but his influence on the game is huge.

Barcelona can’t function without a player who’s as comfortable with ball as Iniesta. All those passes are meant to be turned into chances. You just give the ball to Iniesta, he will run into space and create something out of nothing!

Cesar Luis Menotti on Iniesta

“There are some players who we don’t talk about how good they are,” Menotti told Fox Sports. “A lot of players are talked about, but the best in the world is Iniesta.

“He’s a player who can dribble, he can play, set up goals, run and much more, and he’s still not been given the Ballon d’Or.”

“Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the marketing profile or because he speaks quietly… I don’t know, but people don’t realise how good he is.”

“Messi would not have been the same player if he had played for Real Madrid,” Menotti said. “He debuted with Iniesta, Xavi [Hernandez], Ronaldinho.”

Barcelona after Iniesta

You simply can’t replace players like Xavi or Iniesta. We’re sure Barcelona will find another playmaker to replace Iniesta when he retires, but he’ll be different.

It’s pure talent we’re talking about, something you can’t learn at training. Xavi was replaced by Rakitic, and he is indeed a great player. But he’ll never control the game like the Maestro.

Iniesta is 32 years old, and we only hope he can continue playing on high level at least 3 more years. 

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