How Do I Remove Golf Shoe Spikes?


Hi, I’m Jake Taylor, and we’re out here discussing how to remove golf shoe spikes. Now, it’s an important part of your game. You have to maintain your equipment, and part of your equipment is those golf spikes. But, if you’re out there on the tee, especially if you’re playing in damp conditions, you could slip, and you don’t want that. Now, there are two little holes on those spikes and you’re gonna wanna take the two prongs that are inside the spike remover, and you’re gonna wanna fit ’em down in there. Now, you may have to clean out those pits ’cause after many rounds of golf, they’re gonna be filled with clay and debris. And, then, make sure you got a nice, tight fit with those two prongs. Then, you’re just gonna wanna turn it, just like it if was a screwdriver, and undo that spike. And, once you have that spike removed, you’re gonna wanna put in the new spike, and make sure you torque it down until it clicks. And, once you got it in there, go play!

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