Pitching Clean Shots Every Time – Hit Down on the Golf Ball


Golfers often try to lift the golf ball when pitching. They will do this by leaving their weight on the back foot, which tends to produce fat or skulled pitch shots and in doing so generates a vicious cycle of mishit pitch shots.

Instead, you need to feel like you are hitting down on the golf ball, and producing a divot after the golf ball in the process, much like you do whenever use irons.

In golf, in contrast to other athletics, your equipment has a loft which you should trust to be able to lift the ball into the air. You merely need to make sure you are using a club that has enough loft to create the ball flight involved. Once you do, it’s a matter of trusting that loft to be able to lift the ball into the air and reach down on the ball confidently.

Producing a nice little divot is ideal as long as it starts after the ball, or in other words as long as you hit the ball before the club starts excavating into the ground.