How To Hit The Sweet Spot Consistently


Ever put tape on your clubface and tried to hit the same spot each time? How did that work out for you? I bet that no matter what you tried you saw ball marks all over the face. Am I right?

The reason you can’t hit the center of the face each time is because you keep doing a different swing arc. Once you learn how to do your widest arc you will finally start hitting the center consistently.

That’s because there is only 1 widest swing arc. If you start with your widest arc and the ball in the middle of the face all you have to do is recreate your widest arc at impact. If so, you will hit the same spot every time.

This tip explains all about how to hit the center of the face by using your widest arc. Once you understand it, check out your clubface again in the future and you will start to see that you can in fact hit the same spot on the face each time.