Golf Swing Release | Try Low And left For Great Ballstriking Drill


Having a good consistent move through the ball that allows the combination of technique, golf swing mechanics, and natural instincts are the key for good ball striking, consistent golf shots and more power that you can trust. This feel is key for a lot of golfers. it might just help you play your ideal golf game.

The Art Of Simple Golf is on a mission to give you simple golf lessons that give the results you want without too much practise, time and strain on your body.

Low and left, You may have heard a lot about this instruction recently. Maintaining their hands left, Maintaining them low, opening up the body.

Why is this so effective? It’s because, we’re not relying so much on upon , no flipping their hands. We’re not relying on so much timing.
We’re using the body naturally and it’s maintaining it square for a little bit longer collecting the ball and releasing through so there’s a very simple route we can feel this and all you have to do is imagine that your hands exiting low and left.

So we can really what we want to do is just start with some small shootings merely about its own position because we don’t want to tilt ourselves up. We don’t wishes to lash it too much round.

We’re just trying to get to here because once we’ve got a golf swing.

Now, this isn’t trying to force-out ourselves into a position. It’s basically just trying to keep a little more passive through the ball and the most effective ways to do. It is just to do some half sways so we’re simply coming back and we’re trying to exit a little bit low and left and what you’ll discover is even with some very short golf swings.

You can start, you know really feeling like good compression, so only it’s a very simple tweak and drill to feel that low and left.
It’s always going to feel like a punch short but we’re not trying to hit it too hard. The more you can sort of exit the more you feel that you can open up your body including the pelvis and the chest.

You might have even you’re exaggerating as this coming through the ball and the hands are all. All the style back and that is perfectly fine because what you’ll find is that means. You’re clearing yourself out of the way and you don’t want to feel like you’re training yourself too much. You don’t want to feel you’re reaching at it too much but maintaining the hands relatively passive the ball. Stimulating sure you’ve got enough room address as we’re swaying through and maintaining it low and left.

Should give you a stock shot that you can rely on but it’s a great way to practice. So practice in here on the range first and then you can start feeling a little bit more consistency and getting out the centre of the clubface a little more and from there.

So dedicate that a try and let me know how you get up.