GOLF: How To Stop Getting Stuck In Your Downswing


Matthew’s right arm gets too stuck behind him because it flares out too much going back. That right arm get tucked behind induces him too shallow when he comes into the ball costing him solid contact. It doesn’t allow him to extend his arms out in front which compromises contact, distance, clubface control … you name it, it’s just not good.

I use a basic but super effective develop aid to eliminate that right arm going out during the course of its backswing. In this video, we’re just using Franklin rubber ball from a sporting goods store because our go-to aid- The Tour Striker Smart Ball- keeps vanishing!

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is an inflatable, flocked” beach ball” that connects to an adjustable lanyard this is why it fits anyone. It’s one of the best body connect developing aids on the market and can really help you understand HOW the arms and body work during the course of its swing. You can find it here: http :// 2nAQe9n