Golf Grip: Secure Grip Pressure, Loose Wrists


If you’re looking to build an effortless swing it all starts with the grip and setup. This tip-off explains that I am holding onto the club securely yet my wrists are loose.

So many people I see get the false impression the objective is loosening their arms and wrists when actually they are simply letting run of the club. In no way am I letting go of the club. My grip is procure but it’s my wrists that are loose.

If you find yourself letting run of the club, I demonstrate a drill in this tip-off that allows you to secure the grip. I did this drill several years ago because I assured myself letting go of the club.

To get this secure grip I literally did this drill for 1 month. Now, you don’t have to do it as much as I did if you don’t wishes to. I just felt that I wanted to guarantee I never let go of the club ever again. To date, I never have.

So check your grip. This really is a vital part of developing a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing.