Golf Club Fitting Guide – Factors to Consider When Getting Fitted

By Roger Miguel | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-12-18

Golf Club Fitting Guide – Golf lesson and golf tips on the importance of getting fitted in order to ensure that your golf clubs match your swing and body attributes.

A visit to a club fitting facility can determine if your current clubs are correctly fitted for you. In some instances, some modifications can be made without completely changing your clubs.

Things to consider in club fitting is the grip type and thickness, shaft length (or club length) and shaft flex. Lie angle should also be considered in order to make sure your clubs are not too flat or too upright, which can translate into hooks and slices respectively.

Swing weight and how the weight is distributed inside the club can also be tweaked. And finally, some golfers may opt to alter the loft of their clubs in order to lower the ball flight, for example.


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