For Beginning Golfers – What Clubs Do You Need?

By Roger Miguel | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-11-24

Maria explains that there are 3 different ways to go about acquiring a set of clubs for beginners:

1) Buy a brand new set off the rack and get custom fit (most golf stores offer free custom fitting if you purchase a new set of clubs). However, note that as you learn the game and play more, your swing may change and these clubs might not fit your developed swing and will need adjusting.

2) Look for a good used set of clubs online or at a local store. You can get a brand name set for a fraction of the price and might just have to get the grips replaced and get them fit to your size/swing.

3) Purchase a starter set. This will be an inexpensive set that includes the bag and everything, but as you play more golf and develop your swing, you might want to upgrade sets eventually.

No matter what – get fit and find out what specs you need BEFORE you purchase clubs to ensure you have clubs that fit your swing and body type.

In terms of what clubs are in your bag, you obviously need the standard clubs such as
– Putter
– Driver
– Sand Wedge
– Pitching Wedge thru a 6 iron
– Driver
– A combination of long irons, fairway woods, or hybrids (based on what’s comfortable). to round out the set.

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