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Reducing Big Government

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Another of President Trump’s campaign promises, was to address the ways in which the federal government can operate more efficiently. Now that he has appointed his new budget director, Mick Mulvaney, he is following-up his March 13th executive order which seeks to weed out useless agencies. And he is asking for voters to weigh-in with their thoughts about who needs to go.

From Social Security to the Oval Office no agency is off-the-table in the new survey, published on The multi-item questionnaire asks voters to give their input on what agencies they would like to see reformed and which ones, if any, need to be dismantled. The message on the website says:

“President Trump wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the government can be better organized to work for the American people.”

There are dozens of choices on the survey, including lesser known entities such as the “Access Board” and more well-known agencies like the CIA. The survey also includes an option to link to stories or detailed reports that voters feel highlight their concerns about the agencies they choose. One of the biggest issues for Trump’s supporters has been the federal government’s rampant waste and elaborate spending of…

Taxpayer Money

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A classic example of the waste and abuse has been found in the Social Security Administration. While this agency obviously won’t be eliminated, the program suffered losses upwards of $500 billion dollars during Obama’s tenure. 

One recent scandal resulted in a half-billion dollars in losses in 2016.

President Trump has already begun addressing spending issues with agencies such as the EPA, and he has ended or greatly reduced funding for exorbitant welfare programs like the infamous “Obamaphone” which was riddled with fraud and abuse costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Through the new survey, President Trump hopes to give a voice back to American taxpayers. Most of whom have been silenced for nearly a decade. This is another unique opportunity for the people to speak-up about their concerns and get involved. 

We know there are several agencies on the list we would like to say good riddance--how about you?




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