A woman at a recent rally that Bill Clinton was giving in support of his wife wasn’t too fond of the ex-president.  The former president’s scandalous past was something the woman definitely had an opinion on.. The event was being given in Ohio and the speech was on the current state of the economy. During the speech, one female began heckling Bill, calling him a rapist.

She also walked through the venue carrying a shirt above her head (like a banner) that had “Bill Clinton is a rapist” written on it. Eventually, security escorted the woman away, but not before she left a heavy impression on the event’s audience.

Bill Clinton Accused of Sexual Harassment

This isn’t the first time Bill has been called a rapist in front of a crowd. Another man yelled the same exact words while host Tucker Carlson was attempting to finish a segment on Fox. The commentator called him an “excited young man”.

The fact that this happened more than once, brings a lot of attention to other claims against Bill. Specifically, the accusations made by Juanita Broaddrick. In case you didn’t know, she is the 73 year old and claims Clinton raped her decades ago. She was 35 when Bill Clinton, who was Arkansas’s Attorney General at the time, supposedly raped her. During the time, Juanita also claims, Hillary attempted to silence her. She talks about how it never goes away; the event is something she can’t seem to shake.

There really hasn’t been a time in Chelsea Clinton’s life that she has been attacked. However, Mrs. Broaddrick recently told the Clinton daughter, that her parents are genuinely not good people.

392466cd00000578-3824199-image-a-2_1475701703445She relayed this information through Twitter and a series of tweets. According to her, Bill is and always will be a sexual predator. It looks like Hillary, as well, is no better. She has, and likely will always do the dirty work of covering up Bill’s tracks. Along with covering his tracks, she’ll probably keep using her power and scare tactics to silence the women who accuse Bill of sexually violating them.

Is Bill Clinton a Womanizer?

Its obvious Bill has done some very malicious things against women. Take for example the case with Paula Jones. An out of court settlement was agreed to for the sexual harassment charges she brought up against the former president of the United States.

How long will the American people have to sit by while the Clintons continually wreak havoc? If Hillary makes it into office, think about the number of people who will suffer. And let’s be real here. Will Hillary be making the calls or will Bill?  Obama will also likely be calling some shots as well. The entire Democratic Inner Circle has become so corrupt and power hungry, who knows what they will be willing to do.  Hillary will likely just be a puppet and a face.

Let’s make sure to vote for Trump. 

We literally can’t afford another 4-8 years of what has been happening. And if Hillary wins, you may as well kiss the first and second amendment goodbye. If that happens, the America we know and love will be no more. None of us want that to happen, except maybe Hillary and the Democratic party.

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