According to a recent Drudge Report, notably liberal-leaning CNN and the DNC Research Director Lauren Dillon, conspired to provide Wolf Blitzer with questions related to foreign policy ahead of his interview with Donald Trump back in April, when he was a republican presidential primary candidate.

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-13-07-pmScreen Shot Washington Examiner

While the Blitzer interview was canceled, this is just another in a long line of backroom deals aimed at discrediting the now, GOP nominee for president.

Fear obviously breeds contempt.

The fact that so many rich and powerful individuals, inside and out of the government establishment, have tried every shady tactic at their disposal should speak volumes about what a credible threat to the status quo Donald Trump has become.

Vowing not to be beholding to the likes of special interests, Wall Street, or Middle Eastern regimes, Trump has pledged to return government to its rightful job of working for the citizens of America.

Promising to bring jobs back to the United States, repeal Obamacare, create trade deals with foreign nations that benefit our country economically, and to ensure we have a Supreme Court that upholds rather than rewrites the Constitution, are but a few of the challenges that Trump will undertake as he enters the oval office in January and, his enemies are running scared.

The almost whimsically looney left would have you believe that Trump cares only for the wealthy, that he cannot stand the poor, immigrants, or ethnic minorities.

The truth is, these groups have no greater enemy than the democratic party.

Promising to increase taxes on the poor and middle class, opening up our borders to untraceable Syrian refugees while our veterans struggle to receive the most basic care and payback enlistment bonuses, healthcare premiums soaring by as much as 80%, and a deal with Iran that all but ensures one of our greatest adversaries will possess nuclear capabilities, are just a few of the disastrous liberal policies that are fundamentally destroying America.

We the people have a chance, maybe our last, this November 8th to ensure this dismal picture is NOT the future America has to look forward to.

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