Wonder Woman No Longer Fights For America

Gal Gadot | Photo Credit Wonder Woman The Wonder Woman film has been quite the topic of conversation, especially since she has already cameoed in the last Batman-Superman movie from Zack Snyder. She’s definitely one of the most iconic female superheroes of all time.

“She is the ultimate symbol of strength,” said actress Gal Gadot back in 2015. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d grow up to be in a movie playing someone who influences as many women as she has.”

The interesting aspect of this film, however, is the lack of America influence.

Even American Steve Trevor Not Really American

Gal Gadot | Photo Credit Wonder Woman

In DC’s Sensation Comics, back in 1942, Wonder Woman was born during World War II when she was created by an American psychologist. She somewhat matched Marvel’s Captain America in terms of national pride and attire.

The new version, however, has essentially nothing to do with America. The movie is set in World War I, in London. The pilot she meets, Steve Trevor, has an American name, but works for British intelligence.

Even her costume has been changed for the new flick.

Wonder Woman, The Great American Hero

Wonder Woman | Photo Credit DC Comics

The New York Post writes:

“Until now, the most iconic Wonder Woman has been the 1970s version played by Lynda Carter, her stars-and-stripes costume the truest representation. Since 1941 there have been few variations, and those never lasted long. When DC Comics put Wonder Woman in leggings in 2010, ardent fan Gloria Steinem criticized the move, saying it compromised her feminine strength.”

“Defenders of this latest cinematic costume may well point to the DC Comics films’ overall palette, the dark and despairing world of go-to director Zack Snyder. But to see Wonder Woman so remade, her look such a deliberate attempt to erase the country she’s long fought for, is to undercut what could have been the movie’s most substantial contribution: Why can’t Wonder Woman make America great again?”

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