Can we be friends or even friendly to people we disagree with politically? In my 52 years of life, I have never seen this level of vitriol surrounding politics. I won’t put a sticker on my truck because I fear it being vandalized. I won’t speak publicly about politics unless I’m sure the person I am speaking to is of a like mind. This has never happened at any other time in my life.

There’s an honest reason for this. The stakes have never been this high. The candidate I voted for in the primary is not in the race. Yet, I am compelled to vote because of something powerful, yet simple. As a veteran, I took an oath to defend the Constitution.

Not the Constitution as interpreted, the Constitution as written.

I don’t think it takes a scholar to see which candidate, with a legitimate shot at the presidency, aligns with the Constitution.

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When you are in the military, or a public servant, you take an oath. You are one of the millions, who have gone before you. From Valley Forge to the deserts of Afghanistan, men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend our way of life. When the ramps came down at Omaha Beach and men charged to their deaths to defeat the ultimate evil of the time, they didn’t have an attack of conscience.

They didn’t throw their middle finger up and say, “Both sides suck, I’m sitting this one out.”  

I’m sure they were terrified, crying, praying knowing that it would be over for them. But they went, they died and in the end we were victorious. They defended the Constitution. The glorious document that guaranteed the rights of the individual. Such rights have never before been guaranteed in the history of mankind.

Can we be friends? No. My oath holds strong.

Should we fail to win the day on November 8th, I fear civil war. It will start cold, states refusing to comply with Washington’s unconstitutional demands. I can see bands of patriotic citizens skirmishing with Federal authorities, or worse. I will not allow those that do not hold the Constitution sacred close to me. I will objectify them and keep them at a distance so they are easier to fight.

That’s harsh, isn’t it? Maybe it is, but not nearly as harsh as colonized immigrant gangs raping your wife or child while you sit helpless, a victim of political correctness.

It’s happening here, in America today.

I will vote for Donald J Trump. I do not worship the man, I reserve worship for Jesus. I do agree with his vision for the country. A sovereign nation unencumbered by foreign interests. A vision of a safe nation, free from the growing threats of foreign powers.

Most of all Mr. Trump and I share a vision that retains the American culture. My culture. A culture with a common language and a set of clear unambiguous laws and values.

I will repeat my oath and burn it in deep. I will defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic by voting for Donald J Trump, so help me God.


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