Eric Prince Wants To Privatize The War

Military Personnel | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons President Trump’s White House is pursuing a bold plan to turn over a portion of the U.S. war in Afghanistan to private contractors. This way, they can turn the tide in the war and start moving in the right direction to finish the war.

Within this proposal, around 5,500 private contractors who have been described as Special Operations troops would be advising Afghan combat forces. This group also includes a 90-plane private air force to take out the Taliban.

Eric Prince, the founder of the Blackwater security firm confirmed this possibility in a recent interview.

Conventional Plans Are Not Working

ISIS Attack | Photo Credit Fox News

USA Today reports:

“The unprecedented proposal comes as the U.S.-backed Afghan military faces a stalemate in the war and growing frustration by President Trump about the lack of progress in the war. The U.S. military has 8,400 U.S. troops there to train and guide local forces. They do not have a direct combat role, and presumably would be replaced gradually by the contractors.”

“The plan remains under serious consideration within the White House despite misgivings by Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, an Army three-star general, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Other White House officials, such as chief strategist Stephen Bannon, appear open to using private contractors. “At what point do you say a conventional military approach in Afghanistan is not working,” said Prince, a former Navy SEAL. “Maybe we say that at 16 years.”

Creating Unity Of Command

Military Personnel | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

CBS News reports:

“But you would be profiting from the war?” CBS News’ Vladimir Duthiers asked. “Well, we’re not there now. But any vendor, again, that solves the solution, that’s capitalism. That’s what it’s about,” Prince responded.”

“He also addressed whether he should be excluded from bidding since his sister, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, serves in the Trump administration, saying, “Of course not.” Prince’s plan for Afghanistan calls for “unity of command.”

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