Former White House Doctor Speaks Out

Bizarre mystery with regards to Hillary Clinton’s well being issues, the Democratic presidential candidate’s previous specialist comes out to tell all.

Dr. Connie Mariano, was a Navy Authority and White House doctor in the organization of previous President Bill Clinton. She later resigned from the administration as a chief of naval operations. In 1998, she stated that Clinton permitted her staff and the overall population to believe that issues she had with her right leg were expected to a pulled muscle. In reality it was due to a blood clot.

Dr. Connie MarianoMariano composed a journal of her time at the White House entitled The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents.

Clinton Has a history of avoiding Health Issues

As per her record, in the wake of looking at Clinton’s leg, she demanded that Hilary go to Bethesda Naval Hospital for an ultrasound.

At the point when Mariano’s analysis of a blood clots was affirmed, Clinton did not have any desire to stay in the care center. Instead Clinton was dealt with as an outpatient by taking blood-thinning medications.

“Hillary was back on the battle field inside days … not very many individuals knew of Hillary’s blood coagulation at the time; she expounded on it after she went out,” the book mentions.

“She did have a pain in her calf but her staff thought she had pulled a muscle exercising,” Mariano wrote.

The treatment was kept very low key. A mystery if you may say that.

Connie Mariano“I assigned a female nurse in civilian attire to accompany Hillary on the campaign trail,” Mariano wrote. “I also notified the Secret Service that she was on medication. In the event she was injured, excessive bleeding would be a dangerous complication.”

Hilary Clinton 2003 Book, Living History Reveals More Health Issues

In her 2003 book, Living History, Clinton noted the clot’s existence.

After claiming her right foot was “so swollen I could barely get my shoe on,” she was “whisked … off to Bethesda Naval Hospital” for tests.

“Sure enough I had a big clot behind my right knee that required immediate treatment,” Clinton wrote in 2003.

Clinton had another, potentially more serious, blood clot near her brain in 2013.

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