Celebs That Think They Know It All–Now Running For Office


Celebrities Who May Run For Office 

Most recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has said he has considered running for office, based on the fact that 85 million followers love basically everything he does and he feels like he can make a real change for the nation.

The Rock, Tom Hanks | Photo Credit SNL

In addition to the Rock, celebrities like Antonio Sabato Jr., Bo Dietl, Robert “Booker T” Huffman, and Rosey Grier are considering spots. However, the other wrestler with a seat in his crosshairs is Glenn Jacobs, a.k.a. “Kane.”

”Kane” Runs For Mayor In Tennessee

The Hill reports:

“Now, WWE star Glenn Jacobs, known to fans as “Kane,” is looking to parlay his wrestling career into a political bid for mayor of Tennessee’s Knox County as a Republican. Kane evoked President Ronald Reagan in his announcement video by calling to make Knox County an example of Reagan’s “shining city upon a hill.”

“And he promised to “fight to keep government small and keep our taxes low.” While he’s traded his singlet and mask for a suit and tie, Kane is still leaning into his wrestling ties with an upcoming fundraiser with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. And Kane would be an outsize presence in the country if he wins — he is billed at over 7 feet tall, weighing more than 300 pounds.”

Glenn Jacobs Officially Announces Republican Run

Glenn Jacobs, “Kane” | Photo Credit USA Today

USA Today writes:

“Glenn Jacobs, also known as the professional wrestler Kane, officially announced the beginning of his campaign to run for Knox County mayor Tuesday afternoon. Jacobs is running as a Republican and owns an insurance firm in Halls.”

“His campaign posted a Facebook live video of his announcement speech where he came to the podium to the chorus of Brooks & Dunn’s “Only in America.” He said his family could live anywhere in the country, but choose to live in East Tennessee because they love it.”

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