Gangs, Guns, and Drugs

MS-13 Gang Members | Photo Credit United Gangs Last week, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement conducted their largest anti-gang raid to date. The massive nation-wide operation netted over 1,000 violent criminals involved in serious crimes such sex trafficking, murder, and racketeering. But, it is what ICE officers confiscated during the raids, that proves exactly how widespread and dangerous the problem is in America.

Per the report on the six-week operation, 1,095 people arrested were members of various gangs including the Crips, Bloods, Surenos, and MS-13. Nearly 300 were arrested solely on immigration-related offenses. In addition to the arrests, authorities confiscated 230 firearms, almost 800 ounces of cocaine, more than 8,000 ounces of marijuana, and $490,00 in cash.

Keep in mind, these are the same people that Democrats have pledged to support time and time again. While the majority of those arrested were American citizens, more than 400 were foreign nationals. Ten of the MS-13 gang members, crossed the border under the “Unaccompanied Minors” program.

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A loophole in program laws has allowed gang members to smuggle new recruits into the country virtually undetected. It has been relatively easy for them to exploit the laws, because the Obama administration refused to enforce the laws. What we are seeing today is the direct result of…

Obama’s Incompetence

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Thankfully, President Trump has taken a much tougher stance on illegal immigration than his predecessor. He has also begun cracking-down on violent gangs and vowed to reduce the flow of narcotics over the border. Unfortunately, the problem is already here and could be far worse than anyone imagined.

Last month, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, visited Long Island, NY where MS-13 gang members are believed to have brutally murdered four teenagers. Several other states, like Maryland, have been rocked by heinous crimes committed by illegal immigrants. In total, ICE has made 4,300 criminal and 3,000 civil arrests of MS-13 members alone.

Meanwhile, as President Trump fights tooth-and-nail to rid our communites of these threats, Senate Democrats are demanding a spcecial prosecutor to invesitgate his alleged Russia ties. If that doesn’t make it plain to see who is busy working for America and who is focused on soothing their own wounded egos, nothing will. 


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