North Korean Missile Dud May Have Been Hacked

North Korean Missile | Photo Credit Fox News After the failed missile test occurred in North Korea, many experts speculated this could have been a direct result from U.S. hacking. Since most of the stories covered in recent news are about U.S. hackings, it’s certainly possible other countries are also vulnerable to hacks.

Most concerns often revolve around the water system and the power grid, but hacking military actions is also a possibility. America is very pro-active and it’s likely they could hack the North Korean system to ruin this missile test.

If the U.S. wasn’t specifically involved, there are also plenty of other countries who would want this missile test to fail.

Could Japan Have Hacked Missile Failure?

Security Analyst Alex Hammerstone revealed:

“There’s a lot of conflicting opinions on that. One of the reasons they compare things being as difficult as “rocket science” is because “rocket science” is a challenge. There’s no hard evidence that we’ve seen that it was hacking [in North Korea], but it certainly appears [a possibility].”

“Whether they were injecting malware into supply chain or other ways to get into the networks, or other ways like that. It’s more likely that places like Japan, where these parts are coming from, might be able to enter [code or malware] into the supply chain.”

North Korean Missile Tests Percentages

North Korean Missile | Photo Credit Fox News

Foreign Policy reports:

“North Korea’s missiles aren’t really failing at a terrible rate. Sanger and Broad argued that soon after Obama’s decision in 2014, a “large number of the North’s military rockets began to explode, veer off course, disintegrate in midair and plunge into the sea.” Correlation is not causation, of course, and a simple review of North Korea’s missile launches suggests that if the United States is hacking North Korean missiles, it is doing a crap job of it.”

“Since 2014, about three-quarters of Pyongyang’s launches have succeeded. My colleague Shea Cotton keeps a database of every North Korean missile launch. Of the 66 missiles that North Korea launched during 2014 and after, 51 have succeeded. If hacking is playing any role, it is defeating a trivial number of missiles. A .230 average isn’t enough to keep you in the major leagues. And it’s a lousy batting average against nuclear-armed missiles.”

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