One Of Obama’s Right Hand Men JUST Tweeted This Dangerous Idea

Walter Shaub
Obama appointee Walter Shaub purposely stalled Trump cabinet nominees before resigning. | Photo credit Red State

Walter Shaub, Director of Obama’s U.S. Office for Government Ethics until 2017, is upset over what he sees as GOP attacks on Robert Mueller. On Friday, he urged supporters to prepare to protest in the streets if Republicans succeed at firing the special counsel. 

“Make a plan folks. Be ready to take to the streets. This is an attack on our Republic,” Shaub tweeted. His “suggestion” came in response to Rep. Matt Gaetz telling CNN that President Trump should fire Mueller.

Over the last few weeks, Mueller’s Russia probe has come under intense Republican scrutiny. Several bombshell reports revealed questionable connections between many of Mueller’s team members and Hillary Clinton. At least one FBI agent fired from the team, Peter Strzok, is under investigation for showing favor to Clinton.

However, despite having every reason to conclude the special counsel’s investigation is tainted, Trump said he doesn’t plan to fire him. Apparently, Shaub doesn’t stay up-to-date with current news. Of course, that isn’t all that unusual when it comes to progressives who hate Trump.

In addition to telling people to take to the streets, the lawyer provided a list of supplies protesters should bring. “This weekend I’m stocking up on portable phone chargers, warm clothes, & gear needed for when we take the streets, Shaub wrote. “I’m concerned the assault on the rule of law is coming over the holidays when we’re distracted.”

One-Sided Ethics

Mueller and Obama
Robert Mueller and Barack Obama. | Photo credit Breitbart

The outlandish tweets beg the question: Where was Shaub when Obama was assaulting the rule of law? We highly doubt it’s ethical to trade terrorists for a deserter. Nor does it seem lawful to allow Hezbollah to operate in the U.S. just to secure a nuclear deal with a terrorist country.

And what about, “you can keep your doctor?”

If Shaub wants to take to the streets to protest unlawful and unethical behavior that’s certainly his right. But he should plan on holding Obama and Clinton signs if he hopes to have any credibility amongst sensible people.