The View Slams Trump, Defends ABC For Not Apologizing


Well, that didn’t take long. The feminist hosts of The View slammed President Trump for demanding an apology from ABC. At the same time, the cackling hens are defending their network for canceling Roseanne over one misguided tweet.

The View slams Trump defends ABC
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It seems it’s hard to recognize a double standard when you have no standards at all.

On Thursday, The View once again confirmed that they’re nothing more than a mouthpiece for the liberal agenda. Responding to the controversy over the Roseanne tweet about Valerie Jarrett, they defended their home network for dropping the show.

In addition, they derided Trump for calling-out Disney CEO Bob Iger. Iger sided with ABC’s decision to cancel Roseanne and personally apologized to Jarrett. In response, Trump blasted Iger asking why the network has not called him.

According to co-host Joy Behar, ABC and The View haven’t apologized because they have no reason to.

“He says that he wants an apology for all the horrible things that are said about him on this network. He doesn’t seem to know the difference between criticism and racism,” Behar said. “People criticize the president. That is the job of the media to criticize.”

Do these women know the difference between hate and criticism?

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