The Best Five Videos That Debunk The Universal Basic Income Myth

The idea of Universal Basic Income is gaining in popularity. | Photo credit DIEM 25

The idea of using Universal Basic Income to even out perceived wealth inequities is gaining momentum in progressive circles. On the surface, UBI sounds nice. But when you go deeper, you find that it’s just a subtle step towards a socialist utopia.

The following five videos debunk the Universal Basic Income myth and explain why it’s the antithesis of progress. 

First up is Ryan Moran, founder and CEO of

UBI Kills Innovation

Universal Basic Income and Innovation
Critics argue that UBI kills innovation. | Photo credit Sarah Canaday

Tech industry giants like Facebook, Google, and Tesla, are unified in their quest for Universal Basic Income. However, as Moran explains, innovation leads to growth thereby reducing the need for UBI.

The next video comes from Dr. Peter St. Onge

UBI and the National Debt

UBI-National debt clock
Some economists argue that Universal Basic Income will explode the national debt. | Photo credit Daily Signal

Dr. St. Onge, an economist and lecturer, suggests that UBI is merely a “pipe dream.” Knowing the idea could possibly add $3.6 trillion annually to the national debt, it seems more like a nightmare.

Next up is conservative author and speaker Ben Shapiro.

Helicopter Cash

UBI-Helicopter cash
Conservative speaker Ben Shapiro calls UBI “helicopter cash.” Photo credit The Telegraph

While not early as lengthy as some of the other videos, Shapiro still manages to close the door on the UBI myth. In fact, it only takes him two minutes to prove why “helicopter cash” is a bad idea.

Although Shapiro summed up the myth well, Seth Harris hits the nail on the head.

Dignity in Work

Dignity in work
UBI chips away at the value Americans derive from their jobs. | Photo credit Fiscal Times

Speaking on Fox Business, former Secretary of Labor Seth Harris said Universal Basic Income chips away at the values that make America strong. According to Harris, and we agree, people derive self-worth and purpose from their work.

The final video, though a bit long, debates the merits of Universal Basic Income.

The UBI Debate

Universal Basic Income
Pros and cons of Universal Basic Income. | Photo credit Bethel Law

In the interest of fairness (because fair is good, right?), we are posting a video from Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute and Jared Bernstein from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities who debate the pros and cons of the subject.

So, now that you’ve heard more about Universal Basic Income, we want to hear from you. Is UBI socialism disguised as progress or is it just social progress?

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