The 5 Most Hilarious Valentine’s Day Cards That Democrats Will Never Understand


It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air. Well, kind of. While plenty of happy couples will mark Valentine’s Day with flowers and candy, there’ll be plenty of not-so-loving exchanges happening in the political world.

So to help you show the love to some of your “blue” friends (or partners), we picked out our favorite Valentines’ Day cards for you to share. The first one is for all the die-hard Hillary Clinton fans.

The Hillary Valentine

Crooked Hillary Clinton Valentine's Day card
Hillary Clinton Valentine’s Day card | Courtesy of

President Trump is well-known for assigning nicknames to his political foes. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the first to receive the honor. 

If you know that moniker, the inside of this card was easy to guess. Valentine's Day

Hillary Clinton Valentine’s Day card | Courtesy of

Now, don’t worry if your liberal friends are missing Obama because we didn’t forget them. 

The Obama Valentine

Obama Valentine's Day card
Republicans got creative in 2013 with this Obama Valentine’s Day card. | Photo credit MSNBC

One of the more memorable disasters of the Obama era is the Affordable Care Act. Anybody duped by the Obamacare scam will remember his “you can keep your doctor” lie. 

Of course, it’s heartwarming to know that we don’t have to deal with Obama anymore. Too bad we can’t say that about Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The Pelosi Valentine

Valentine's day card for Democrats
Nancy Pelosi Valentine’s Day card. | Photo credit Independent Journal Review

Over the years, Pelosi has given conservatives plenty of food for fodder. The House Minority Leader is fond of secrecy but not from admirers. 

Suffice it to say, after her stunt during the government shutdown it’s hard to believe Pelosi has a heart. But at least she’s not as crazy as “Mad” Maxine Waters.

The Maxine Valentine

Maxine Waters Valentine’s Day card.

This Monday Monday Network exclusive card is perfect for Auntie Maxine. She has spent an entire year proving she has no love for President Trump. 

In fact, her hate for Trump is so strong that she gave an impeachment speech at the funeral of a longtime friend. Fortunately, Waters’ efforts have been in vain. 

That’s why we chose this as our final (and favorite) Valentine’s Day card. 

The Donald Valentine

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Valentine’s Day card.

If that doesn’t break Democrat hearts on V-Day, nothing will.

Happy Valentine’s Day.