Using WikiLeaks I take a look at how the Clintons may be profiting from natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Mathew. 

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story.    These days, with the help of whistleblowers and the likes of WikiLeaks, the endless array of scandals and conspiracies which Hillary and Bill have been involved in over the years are finally seeing the light of day. Even through her greatest effort, Clinton is unable to suppress the irreversible damage she has caused to her campaign. In addition, she has caused untold damage during her tenure as Secretary of State and throughout her whole political career. At this point, you could say the list is virtually endless. We’ve heard about destabilizing countries by violent coups armed by Hillary, vacuums of power leading to ISIS due to her bad leadership, receiving lucrative donations from suppressive regimes, boldfaced and outright lies to federal investigations, and even possible murder.   But, using a natural disaster, namely the Haitian earthquake and now hurricane Matthew, to steal millions of dollars in donations that the Haitian people desperately need, is an undeniable new low, even for Hillary.    Maybe this is behavior we should just come to expect from the Clintons, nothing is very shocking anymore when it comes to their dirty dealings. The Haitian earthquake of 2010 saw untold destruction, the effect of which still lingers to this day. Last month’s Hurricane Matthew caused further damage to the country’s already fragile infrastructure. As well as deaths in the tens of thousands, and millions of dollars of further damage to homes and property, which are now nonexistent.   Credit: Area (Credit:   Aside from the lie she delivered during the presidential debate, stating that the Clinton foundation had donated 90 percent of donations to Haiti, in fact the opposite was true. The Clinton’s seem to have pocketed 90 percent of direct donations intended for the Haitian people from donors. The Clintons would probably tell you that this is just the nature of charitable organizations where around  90 percent is used for ‘operations’ and ‘expenses’. Some on lavish parties hosted and attended by Hollywood celebrities for further donations, such as the cashcow known as AmFar. A nonprofit which contributes only 6 percent of the money they earn to Aids research.    When a natural disaster is afoot and there’s money to be made somehow, Bill and Hillary Clinton will find a way to profit from it and abuse an already corrupt model. Post-quake Haiti, The Clinton Foundation swooped in and claimed to collect ten million dollars of donations within days of the earthquake.   Credit: Clinton (Credit:   Donations that were then supposed to be allocated for the Reconstruction Natural Disaster Fund. But that money never saw the light of day, just the cold, black, sterile confines of The Clinton Foundation’s bank vault. The foundation did recently buy a new plane though.    “The Clintons exploited this terrible disaster to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving people of Haiti,” Bernard Sansaricq, former president of the Haitian Senate, said of the Clintons’ work in his country in September.   “The world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived.”   But the Clintons weren’t there just to use the catastrophic event to make millions. The Clintons then made their mission complete by meddling in the country’s affairs. Ousting and blackmailing the former president so Hillary could appoint someone she liked better, someone that would benefit her masters in Washington and New York. Using the disaster, Clinton threatened that the stricken country wouldn’t receive any of the funds for reconstruction unless Michel Martelly came into power. Threatening the democratically elected sitting president, Rene Prevaile, with lack of funds and military ground support from the US and all other international allies.   Blackmailing a country in desperate need of assistance, is a disgrace.    America needs Donald Trump as president, otherwise, it’s becoming perfectly evident that the country faces either stepping off the precipice into oblivion (under the command of a failed political elitist) or, under Trump, the chance to be great again.  

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