5Validating Anti-Semitism Worldwide

Then-Israeli ambassador to the UN Chaim Herzog addresses the General Assembly condemning Resolution 3379on November 10, 1975. Photo credit: HERZOG FAMILY FOUNDATION

On November 10, 1975, the United Nations voted on Resolution No. 3379 titled “Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination”. The countries that have been highly in favor of the resolution, which stated that Zionism is a form of racism, are all former colonial powers or strongly anti-Semitic allies. 

Zionism is based on the liberal values of freedom, democracy, equality, and social justice – essentially Jewish self-determination, and nothing close to racism.


Jessie Domingo

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  • Dianna Eric Shelby

    The UN as it exists today is far from what it was when it was founded following WW2. Upon it’s founding it was tasked with Keeping the Peace throughout the world and protecting the Common Peoples who were routinely abused by the Aristocracy, Oligarchs and Warlords whom controlled most of the countries of the World. It was a Noble and Just organization that was promised to be a venue for the common man to use to seek representation and justice for the abuses of those in power. In modern times, over the last 40 years, it has been taken over and corrupted by Globalists whom desire to establish a Centralized One World Government to hold sway over the individual Nations of the world with final and absolute authority over all Man Kind. Perhaps the most onerous of these Globalists tenants is that in order to better control the populace the general population must be reduced to a gross number that would be easier to maintain control over. This “magic” number seems to be, as has been reported by “fringe” sites through leaked memos from “shadow” Government Papers, about one third of the current world population. This “claim” is supported by the inaction of the UN against regimes in the African Continent as well as those in Eastern Europe and the Middle East whom have and are still committing acts of mass genocide against their own populations and those viewed as contradictory to their specific religious beliefs. After all it is far easier for the One World Government, OWG, to maintain and exert control over the established rulers of these countries than it would be for them to oust these governments and then explain why they are still killing off mass groups of the populations they went there to “save.” The UN is comprised of some 300 countries around the globe but the US contributes around 22% of its funding. This is grossly unfair the the American People and why the De-funding of the UN, by the US, would be an effective way to fight against the OWG. The Billions saved by De-funding could then be used to repay the Social Security Fund, robbed by both Democrats and Republicans, and also to rebuild and replace vital and necessary infrastructure within the US.

  • Mark Heath

    The U.N. Is nothing but a good ole boys club It is Bullshit

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